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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register for the event?

Our registrations are currently closed please join the waitlist here :

How do I stay updated with all the relevant information for the performance?

Join the WhatsApp Group (sent to your email). Chat is disabled here and only important messages will be posted.

Only admins will post important messages. This group will be crucial during the day of the performance, as gathering points and changes will be shared here.

What is the day and time of the performance?

September 29th, Friday evening. You will be required to be there before this time for soundcheck and security clearance. Please prepare to be there as early as 4 pm.

Is it necessary to sign up using the form?

It is mandatory to officially register in order to receive a form for security clearance at the National Mall. If not, you will not have access to enter the performers' areas.

I have not received the waiver form yet, where do I get it?

Waivers are not sent immediately after you sign up. You will get it within the next few days. Please be patient and keep checking. You may receive the email requesting to sign the waiver more than once. You only need to do it once.

Will we have in-person rehearsals?

Yes! Please plan to be in DC for the main rehearsal on Thursday, September 28th in the afternoon. The venue will be within walking distance from the stage. We will share exact the exact location on WhatsApp and email.

Here is the schedule:

Can I receive more online lessons if I think that I need extra help?

Absolutely! Just inform any of the teachers and we will take care of it.

Can I participate with my ukulele?

Yes, absolutely. Check the practice folder for the ukulele videos.

Is there any instruction available for ukulele?

Yes, check the practice folder for resources.

Do we need to learn one or two songs?

You will learn All You Need is Love and We are One. All the information is in the Google Folder. Please make sure to practice with the performance tracks:

Are we sitting or standing during the performance?

We will be standing. This is why a guitar strap is required.Only participants from the classical guitar middle schools and high schools that are coming as an institution will be sitting.

Is this event free?

Yes! Signing up to be part of the Guitar Ensemble and attending the World Culture Festival is free.

Is there an age limit to be able to perform?

Anyone between 10 and 100 can be part of the ensemble. Minors should be accompanied by an adult (accompanying adults encouraged to sign up and play too!) and have the waiver signed by the parent or guardian.

Do I have to bring my own guitar for the performance?


What guitar do you recommend?

We will play acoustic guitars. You are welcome to bring an electric but you cannot plug it in or use an amplifier (for technical reasons)
The guitar model is your decision, but we suggest an inexpensive acoustic guitar. There are several local stores in DMV area. if you call them, offered to keep the guitar in the store until you can pick it up. There are other stores in the area like Guitar Center, Middle C Music (In DC), Drums Unlimited, where you can buy (or rent if you do it as soon as possible). You can also buy online or check with people you know if you can borrow one.

Is there a place to store belongings and cases during the performance?

Yes. There will be a storage section behind the stage. We are requesting that you label your guitar case or gig bag as if you were traveling and picking it up at the baggage carousel at the airport. There will be hundreds of other cases and we want to make sure this process goes smoothly. Put something on it that makes it easy to identify. Please do not bring anything you don’t really need.

Is there a nursery/kids care area for participant’s children while they perform?

No. As much as we would like to offer that, there are security policies and logistic issues that do not allow this option. There cannot be anyone on stage either that is not performing, children or adults.

I have some more questions I need answers to!

Please email us at